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Current Release

The current release of PowerDbg is Version 6.
This is currently in alpha status whilst we attempt to determine what bugs / missing features need to be fixed before a release is worth doing.

Getting Started


Session Management

New-DbgSession Establishes a PowerDbg session with the debugger
Exit-DbgSession Terminates the current PowerDbg session
Load-DbgExtension Loads a debugger extension into to the active session
Invoke-DbgCommand Executes an arbitrary command against the debugger


Get-DbgArray Expands the contents of a managed array
Get-DbgClrHeap Locate objects on the managed heap by type or MT
Get-DbgDictionaryContents Enumerate Dictionary<T,T> collections
Get-DbgListContents Enumerate List<T> collections
Get-DbgObject Views the contents of a reference-type object
Get-DbgValueClass Views the contents of a value-type object

Process State

Get-DbgClrThreads Lists managed threads
Get-DbgComState View the COM apartment state associated with each thread
Get-DbgModules Lists modules loaded into the process
Get-DbgRunaway View the kernel and user time associated with each thread




Start-DebuggerOnly Launches a debugger without creating a PowerDbg session
Get-DbgHangDump Takes an immediate full minidump of a given process

Previous Releases

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