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Allows invoking arbitary debugger commands. This can be used to access functionality that has not been exposed with its own CmdLet, or to access the raw textual output of a command (where the cmdlet doesn't support the -raw switch)

This cmdlet is aliased 'idc'


PowerDbg 0:000> Load-DbgExtension sos mscorwks
PowerDbg 0:000> Invoke-DbgCommand !help
SOS is a debugger extension DLL designed to aid in the debugging of managed
programs. Functions are listed by category, then roughly in order of
importance. Shortcut names for popular functions are listed in parenthesis.
Type "!help <functionname>" for detailed info on that function.

Object Inspection                  Examining code and stacks
-----------------------------      -----------------------------
DumpObj (do)                       Threads
DumpArray (da)                     CLRStack


  • Command output is returned to the pipeline as a collection of strings, one per line
  • The cmdlet returns control when the command completes in the debugger (ie the next command prompt is read). If you issue a command that will never return (eg 'g' in the case of a process that subsiquently does not fail, and you have no breakpoints setup), PowerDbg will never return control to the prompt.
  • Debugger commands that prompt for user input should be avoided.

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