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In order to use PowerDbg you will need:

You’ll also need to configure PowerShell to allow scripting, which is disabled by default. Typically you’d relax the execution policy to allow unsigned scripts to run from the local machine (only) [1]:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

If UAC is enabled you’ll need to do this from a PowerShell prompt ‘run as administrator’.

If you’re running 64 bit Windows, and plan on doing any 32 bit debugging, you’ll also need to do this in the 32 bit PowerShell console (Windows PowerShell (x86) in your Start menu)


After downloading, extract the PowerDbg zip to a temporary directory somewhere, and use the Install_PowerDbg.ps1 script to install it: just right click on it and select ‘Run With PowerShell’:'


Alternatively you can manually drop the PowerDbg.psm1 module file into your PowerShell module directory, ensuring it gets placed in a ‘PowerDbg’ subfolder:





[1] Actually PowerShell uses IE security zones as part of the resolution for this, so this can include other locations on the trusted corporate intranet, depending on your machine configuration.

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