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PowerDbg is a PowerShell library that enables you to easily create PowerShell scripts to automate a WinDbg / CDB debugging session. You can use PowerDbg for Kernel Mode or User Mode, Post-Mortem debugging or Live Debugging and for native or managed code.

PowerShell has several advantages over the WinDbg Scripting Language. A few of them are:

- Easier to create scripts
- Leverage the .NET Framework
- Debugging and tracing features
- Code reuse through functions and cmdlets
- Easier maintenance
- Easier to build large scripts
- Easier to format and display the important information

Whether you’re an old hand frustrated with WinDbg scripting, or you’re having your ‘first memory dump’ freak-out, PowerDbg is for you. And hopefully for everyone in the middle too.


Version 6 has been released as alpha. This is a really exciting release that makes it even easier to write scripts or otherwise just hack around against the debugger, and includes the PowerDbgConsole, a bootstrapper designed to make setting up an interactive PowerDbg debugging session a one-liner. It’s faster, easier to use and has full 64 bit support.

Version 6 should run all Version 5 scripts without too much (any?) modifications, but that’s one of the things we’ll be testing during the alpha period. If you find any problems, shout.

Version 5 is still available.

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