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To use PowerDbg you must first establish a ‘session’. This establishes PowerDbg’s internal connection between a local debugger and either a memory dump, live process or remote debugger.

Sessions are established using the New-DbgSession cmdlet, and can be instantiated in one of four ways:
- attach to a running process by name (-process)
- launch a process under the debugger (-command)
- opening a memory dump in the debugger (-dump)
- connecting to an existing debugger configured as a server (-remote)

Additionally PowerDbg can be instructed to auto-load SOS (if possible), using the -sos parameter. This can only be performed if the process in question has already loaded the CLR, and so is not applicable to the -command method.


The PowerDbg 'unhandled exception' demo can be run under the debugger as follows (note the quotes which allow us to pass an argument to the process being launched):

PS > New-DbgSession -command '.\blah\ManagedScenarios.exe UnhandledExceptionScenario'
PS > Send-DbgGo
(1104.730): CLR exception - code e0434f4d (first chance)
(1104.730): CLR exception - code e0434f4d (!!! second chance !!!)
000007fe`fdedaa7d 4881c4c8000000  add     rsp,0C8h
PS >

Since the the debugger immediately breaks into the launched process, we have to use Send-DbgGo to allow the process to continue on (and subsiquently fail). When creating a session to a memory dump or a remote debugger already halted at the point of interest, this would be unnecessary.

Once a PowerDbg session exists you can interact with it using any of the Get-Dbg* cmdlets, or by using Invoke-DbgCommand to send commands directly.


  • Each PowerShell window running PowerDbg can only support one such session at a time
  • The session is automatically terminated when the PowerDbg module is unloaded (Remove-Module PowerDbg)
  • The debugger is attached invasively, and so the debuggee will terminate when the session is ended

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ayanmullick Feb 19, 2015 at 1:49 AM 
I am trying the same thing. I already corrected the path. But I am getting a blank command prompt. Not sure what's wrong.